Copyrights, Terms & Conditions in short


For downloadable cartoons, you are buying "One-Time, Non-Exclusive” rights

What that means is you have permission to use your cartoon one time, in a presentation, website, or newsletter , and I retain all copyrights.

If you would like to use the cartoon(s) more than once, in say an ongoing presentation, or in book that you will sell, please contact me for special pricing.

If you would like to use a cartoon in the classroom, or in social media, emailme or contact me for a 50% coupon.




All inquiries:




How do I buy a cartoon? When you pay for a downloadable cartoon, you can download the cartoons you select immediately.

For Customized Captions & Personalized cartoons, simply fill in the box with your text. Shortly after payment, you will receive your cartoon by email.


What will I receive? Your cartoon will be a 300 DPI Jpeg. (A file that you can use in just about any application.) Average size for a cartoon is about 7" or 2100 pixels wide.


How soon will I receive my cartoons? For downloadable cartoons, immediately after your purchase you will receive an email with links to download your cartoon(s). For customized & personalized cartoons, delivery is usually the same day. (If ordered before noon MST). Please be patient and remember that the captions and names, etc. are created by hand.


Is my checkout and credit card information secure?

This website uses the industry standard:  SSL security on all checkout pages.

If for some reason you'd rather use Paypal, just email me and tell me what you want. I will send you a Paypal invoice and the cartoon(s) you want.


Can you invoice my company? Yes. Please contact me to make arrangements.


What if I lose or accidentally delete my cartoon file? Contact me and I will email you a replacement at no charge.


Will the cartoon I receive have the watermark that I see on your sample cartoons? No, the cartoons you buy will not have any watermark.


What about ownership rights? For downloadable cartoons, I retain all copyrights, so you may not resell the cartoon(s). Your purchase allows a one-time use of the cartoon(s). Presentations - you may use the cartoon in your presentation as well as in any related handouts. Publications - you may print the cartoon once.

You may not use the cartoons in books and national multiple-appearance presentations. (Contact me for rates for those uses.)



*Downloads include a license for a one-time use of my cartoons in presentations, newsletters and websites. If you want to use one in a book or in advertising, contact me for great pricing on a license for that.


Special offer for website use: Get the cartoon a free! (Create a space for the cartoon you want with a link to below it. Email me that webpage address with the link showing, and I'll send you a coupon code!)



What if I need something special, say a different scene drawn, or a caricature inserted into a cartoon? Almost anything is possible. Please contact me and I will take care of it for you. Studio; (303) 473-9972 (M-F 9 AM-6pm MST only).


Shipping/delivery Information:


Downloadable cartoons are delivered electronically.


For prints, the turnaround time is usually 2-3 business days, with delivery depending upon your choice of the various shipping options.