Using a funny cartoon in your newsletter is a great way to make sure that it is opened and read. A presentation cartoon can capture your audience's attention...and get a laugh.



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My competitors (frankly, with very different client lists) sell their licensed cartoons for much more....$40, $80 or even $200 each, depending on your intended use.

I believe that you shouldn't have to pay that much for a "used cartoon."

Let's be honest, that's what downloadable cartoons are. They have been used, (and seen), by others, often many, many times. Is that worth $80 for a newsletter? 

This is the age of Redbox. You should be able to buy top-quality cartoons for less than that.

If you want a unique, drawn-to-order cartoon, you can have that, too. (click here)

If you want an inexpensive, funny cartoon right now, I charge a very low price - regardless of your intended use.*


*Downloads include a license for a one-time use of my cartoons in presentations, newsletters and websites. If you want to use one in a book or in advertising, contact me for equally  great pricing on a license for those uses.


Special offer for website use: Get the cartoon a free! (Create a space for the cartoon you want with a link to below it. Email me that webpage address with the link showing, and I'll send you a coupon code!)