Or, about the cartoonist anyway...

I am a Boulder, Colorado based cartoonist. I began drawing when I was old enough to hold a crayon without also eating it. This early self-imposed dietary restriction led to work as a cartoonist for some school newspapers, (the pre-school newspaper was the back of a spare Pampers.)

About 15 years later at the University of Illinois student newspaper, I was a cartoonist, columnist and editor, (an editor position held decades earlier by Hugh Hefner. The only other thing we have in common is that I also like to work in a bathrobe occasionally.)

After college, I was a political cartoonist in the Chicago area...and then worked under contract for King Features Syndicate and Tribune Media, creating some now obscure comic strips.

My work has been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers, (including Time, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal), and has been featured on NBC's Today Show. I've illustrated over 40 books, (ranging from children's to business books.) 

At times I am still mildly tempted to eat/suck on my drawing utensils...but now that I use a digital drawing board, there is a 120 volt "incentive" not to do so. (Technology has come a long way.)

Fortune 100 firms and book publishers are among my repeat customers...as well as start-up companies and small businesses.

Fortune 500 Clients include:

Akamai, Bayer, Blackrock Funds, Boeing, Cisco Systems, General Motors, Google, Hearst Corp, Intel Corporation, Kroger, Merck Pharmaceuticals, MasterCard, Northrup Grumman, Northwestern Mutual, Pepsi, Random House, Roche Pharma, Smithfield and Time Warner.

Everyone whom I’ve shown these cartoons to has laughed out loud. Thanks so much, Mark. As always, it’s a pleasure buying and using your cartoons.
— Sandra Wade, Software AG Inc.



Partial Client List:

Akamai, Arista Records, Bayer, Blackrock Funds, Boeing Aviation, Boarshead Meats, Cold Stone Creamery, Cisco Systems, Customer Bliss, Dartmouth University Press, General Motors, Google, Hearst Corp., The Home Depot, Hubspot, Intel Corporation, King Features, Kroger, Merck Pharmaceutical, Northwestern Mutual, Pepsi, Penguin Books, Prentice Hall, Random House Books, Roche Pharmaceutical, Smithfield Foods, Spyder Sportswear, Stanford Business School, Steuben Foods, SunTrust Financial, Time Warner, Towers Watson, Tribune Media, University of Delaware, Wiley Press.






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